Understanding Divorce: Is it really Necessary?

You are feeling despair. Every discussion ends in an argument. The spark has just plain gone out of your marriage. It seems inevitable that your relationship is just drifting towards divorce. It’s almost inevitable! My aim in this short article is to shine a shaft of light into your darkness and to assure you that […]

Dieting For Smokers and Ex-Smokers

Most people who smoke have certain questions that need answers and that is exactly what I will address in this article. The three most common questions which smokers ask about diet and smoking, are: (1) Can a diet compensate for health damage caused by smoking? (2) What should I eat if I smoke? (3) If […]

Email Marketing in Affiliate Marketing business

Have you ever wondered what “opt-in email marketing” is and how it compares to bulk e-mail marketing? Being a ‘newbie’ to Affiliate marketing, and likely having limited funds, can leave entrepreneurs feeling lost in terms of marketing and they end up turning to extreme cost saving options like free classifieds and newsgroup sites. Most marketing […]

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