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Dieting For Smokers and Ex-Smokers

Most people who smoke have certain questions that need answers and that is exactly what I will address in this article. The three most common questions which smokers ask about diet and smoking, are: (1) Can a diet compensate for health damage caused by smoking? (2) What should I eat if I smoke? (3) If […]

Email Marketing in Affiliate Marketing business

Have you ever wondered what “opt-in email marketing” is and how it compares to bulk e-mail marketing? Being a ‘newbie’ to Affiliate marketing, and likely having limited funds, can leave entrepreneurs feeling lost in terms of marketing and they end up turning to extreme cost saving options like free classifieds and newsgroup sites. Most marketing […]

The Different Phases of Marriage

Despite all the fashionable theories of marriage, the narratives and the feminists, the reasons to get married largely remain the same. True, there have been role reversals and new stereotypes have cropped up. But biological, physiological and biochemical facts are less amenable to modern criticisms of culture. Men are still men and women are still […]

Dieting Mistakes to Avoid

Why is it that the minute we decide to start a diet someone calls and invites us to dinner? Is it Murphy’s Law or just some interesting phenomena called Life? In this article, we are going to talk about the dieting mistakes you should avoid if you intend on losing weight and keeping it off. […]

Why you should invest in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the idea of promoting products and services that are owned or provided by others while receiving a commission for the sales produced. Affiliate marketers are like the “middle man” in a business deal.  It is through this route that many people begin to earn money online. There are many options if you […]

Workplace Romance Tips: The Best Inter-Office Memo To Remember

These days more and more people decide to start a relationship with a co-worker. The reason why this happens is that many young professional men and women are spending almost all their time at the office, so they have less time to go out and meet new people. So, it is natural to seek friendship […]

The Ultimate guide on Health and Fitness while Pregnant

You are besides yourself with joy as you see that your pregnancy test is positive.  You find yourself already caressing your stomach in hopes that your little one can feel you.  The next nine months are going to be an exciting time for you and your baby. You are going to have a human life […]

Ultimate guide to Search Engine Marketing Strategy

There are hundreds of thousands of jobless individuals who want to get out of their current situation but are unable to do so. Before they entered the world of unemployment, they were not worrying about their expenditures. They expected monthly salaries that they can use to pay for their expenditures. Aside from their regular monthly […]

7 Clues That Your Partner Is Cheating On You

Online dating is one of the fastest growing industries today. Every day, hundreds of thousands of us log on to one or more of the growing number of sites available; some looking for serious relationships, others for friendship and companions, and still others for casual flings and that extra ‘bit on the side’. Some sites […]

Barriers of dieting – Are they psychological or physical?

Obesity is inextricably interlinked to many type of illness. Dieting and regular exercises are the best way to keep you fit. Obesity can cause breast cancer, heart diseases, Osteoarthritis etc. In this regard I have some tips to keep you fit. Many of us like to ask some general questions about their weight and dieting […]

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